Paper Mache Toadstools

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For the fairy party decor for Chloe's birthday, toadstools were top on my must-have list.  There is something magical about the red polka-dot 'shrooms that makes you know for sure that gnomes and pixies are nearby!

My kids hadn't done paper mache before, and it is a huge part of my own childhood, so I decided to declare a paper mache day. I constructed the bases out of pringles cans and large paper bowls, and paper towel rolls with smaller paper bowls to get a variety of sizes.  I overestimated the amount we'd be able to do, and had a bunch of naked bases left over, but a girl can only do so much.

Now this is the point where I look like a fantastic mom doing crafts with my kids and being all creative and 'with it.' I should totally leave it at that.  You're all so impressed with me, right?

   But oh dear, paper mache got SO out of hand!  It got in hair and on clothes, the kids kept shaking their hands off and flipping it far and wide.  They kept going in and out of the house and getting it all over the doorknobs and on every surface indoors and out.  And every one of them left a partially finished project when they decided it was lunchtime and I had to finish them all myself in an extremely cranky mood.  
I'm pretty sure at one point in our fabulous bonding craft time, our entire neighborhood could hear my sweet mommy tones as I discovered paper mache cement had set up in so many places!  I do think that the kids had fun though - for most of the time.  And we did end up with fabulous toadstools!
For those who have never done paper mache - here it is, simply.  Paper strips (I like newspaper).  Mix water & flour (sometimes I add some school glue if I want it really tough).  Not as thick as pancake batter - much more watery.  Dip the strips. Cover your surface. Wait to dry. Repeat for another layer.  Wait to dry.  With each layer you can shape and add detail. Wait till completely dry.  Spraypaint for the base.  Red on top, cream stem, black and grey under the toadstool crown.   Kids painted polkadots.    Voila!

mache'd toadstools - already they have character
Being painted - looks like a toadstool garden sprouted in my yard!

Painting spots

Tinkerbell movie looks right at home!

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