Holidays screw our kids up!

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How do our kids ever grow up even halfway normal when parents do our best to throw them a curveball rule-reversal every time a holiday rolls around?

For example:
Don't talk to strangers - except at Christmas when I tell you to go talk to that fat guy in a red suit.  Wait, don't just talk to him, sit on his lap!  And be happy about it.
It's not polite to ask people to give you things - except at Christmas when you can tell a complete stranger to bring you a whole list of stuff, and at Halloween, when you walk around demanding that people give you candy.
Never eat anything you find on the ground - unless it is Easter - then the more you pick up off the ground, the better egg-hunter you are.  Eat up!
It's mean to pinch - unless it's St. Patrick's Day.  (eurgh - that one causes trouble!) 
It's rude to ring the doorbell and run - unless it's Valentine's.

And I'm sure there are more that elude me right now.  See what I mean though?  Warped!

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Kathy said...

LOL So very true! Unless you have a Hailey! She would never visit Santa because in her own words "he is a creepy stranger", most years would be more interested in the neighborhood pets than in trick-or-treating, and hates hard boiled eggs. Oh how many dozens of eggs that were up to me to eat alone! She even once asked to stay home from school on St. Patrick's day because she said it was stupid. But that's Hailey for ya, she has never been like any other kid!

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