Pettiskirt Perfectionist

I've heard it said that the first step to recovery is recognition that there is a problem.  So I'm formally recognizing here that I have a problem with perfectionistic tendencies to an idiotic extent.  :-)  Remember the pettiskirts I made for Easter?  Well, I wasn't totally happy with Chloe's.  The fabric I used for the waistband section was tricot.  I thought it would be perfect because the color was exactly right and it is shiny, similar to the satin on the other girls' skirts.  But it flopped.  It didn't have enough body.  It irritated me.  Also, since I was pushing the Easter deadline when I originally made it, I got a little skimpy with the ruffles to save time.  All in all, every time the girls wore them together, Chloe's looked pathetic to me, even though it's likely that no one else ever noticed a difference.

So, I took Chloe's skirt apart and re-did it.  I got some satin instead of the tricot.  I constructed an extra layer of the skirt (two tiers & ruffle fluff).  I sewed the whole thing back together.  Yup, I'm crazy - certifiable. But check out the before and after pictures.  It was SO worth it!  And now I can put the skirts on all three girls and be filled with nothing but joy at them - no regrets.

How much fun does this look like?!  Pettiskirts are made for swinging!!  Almost better than capes!

I totally blame my perfectionist problem on my Mom and talented sisters.  I'm not the only crazy one.  Notice the gorgeous sweater that Lily is wearing - that is the handiwork of my amazing mother!  And the adorable crochet barrettes were made to match the skirts by my uber-creative sister, Natalie.  Look what I have to measure up to!!


Hailey said...

These skirts kinda make me wish I wasn't 18 and could pull off a pettiskirt. So cute!!

Unknown said...

If anyone could rock it, Hailey, you could! Check out a couple of "teens" pettiskirt pics. Put it with a tough girl tee or tank - go with the black or I love the hot pink & orange - and you'd be fab.

And here's one that's a bit more outrageous, but crazy fun

June said...

That's funny. I was going to ask you to make me a big girl version. I was afraid it would cost a fortune though.

Unknown said...

I just had a friend from high school post a picture of herself on facebook from a party in California - she and her friend are wearing pettiskirts. She's my age and is totally pulling it off! Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! So at $2/yd, if you're lucky, how come people sell them at $69.95? How many yards do you usually use up in a pettiskirt? I love it! thanks!

Unknown said...

I would have to say the price is for LABOR! These skirts are totally a labor of love - even with a ruffler foot. I have started to see cheaper ones, but they are not nearly as full or fluffy. As for yardage, I did talk about that in a previous post and provide links to the sites I learned from as well: Basically it's around 10-12 yards per skirt depending on size. However, as the kind of fabric needed is mostly available online by the linear yard in inch wide increments, a lot of the discussion around pettiskirts reads in linear yardage, which is why I had a hard time figuring it out with the ones I cut out myself from standard fold fabric. As a result, I went with 10 yards even for my oldest girl, and had to skimp - while 10 yards was oodles for my youngest.

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