Cute Cutoffs

I've recently been inspired by all of the craft blogs I've followed with ideas for re-using all sorts of worn-out items.  I'm fascinated by the messenger bags made out of cargo pants that don't fit any more and knee socks that once used to be cotton tights, before the knees (as they always do) got holes in them.  Brilliant!
My first re-use project isn't very creative or original, but it's a start!  Lily is the worst of my kids at ripping the knees out of her jeans - even her brothers aren't as hard on their clothes.  I don't know if she has a pair of pants without at least one hole.  So, with the weather turning warm, I'm ecstatic to get rid of the hobo look Lily has mastered by converting her ratty pants into fresh shorts.  I combined the classic idea of cut-offs with my recent obsession with my ruffler foot and a deep seated love of eyelet, and voila.  Ruffle shorts.

 I cut the jeans off at the desired length, just zig-zagged the raw edge, and then added two layers of eyelet.  The longer, roughly 2" eyelet is the bottom ruffle, sewed on 1"from the bottom of each leg.  That way it completely covers the zig-zagged edge, but doesn't add too much to the length.  I then used a smaller 1" eyelet to add a second tier.  Simple, but Lily loves them and they're pretty cute on.  She says it's like having a tutu on each leg.

For the second pair of cutoffs, we decided to go with some color.  Lily picked out some trim (the polka-dot rick rack - great choice!) and I coordinated a couple of ribbons.  This pair had to be hemmed, rather than just having the edge zigzagged, since it isn't hidden the way the lace hides the edge in the first pair.

I LOVE the way they turned out!  I have a total love affair with rick rack and grosgrain ribbon.  Now you know my secret passions - eyelet, rickrack and grosgrain - any project with these and you can't go wrong!


Kathy said...

Adorable! Add a row of sequins to the top of the ruffle for bling (sorry it's dance costume season, I add sequins and rhinestones to everything I see this time of year :)

Unknown said...

Kathy, I hear about these amazing dance costumes, but I never get to see them. You should totally start posting your costume sewing projects. They sound like so much fun!!

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