Valentine Gnomes

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  I find garden gnomes hilarious, so when I saw this tutorial from Family Fun, for DIY valentines based on a gnome, I was instantly in love!  So cute!  My gnomes were adapted, however, for two reasons.  First, gnomes have big feet - it's part of who they are!  Second, it gives the valentine just a little more candy to give than just the one candy kiss, which made it more of a gift for the kids to give their friends.

So here's my quick tutorial for making these fun little characters with your kiddos! Trust me, by the time you get finished, you'll be so in love with them you'll be posing them around and taking pics of them in crazy places too!  It's kind of irresistible!

Choose felt colors for hats - we went with pink, red purple & blue

Cut 4 inch felt circles for hats - whatever colors tickle your fancy

Divide circles into quarters
Glue along one edge & roll around finger to create hat

Supplies needed for body - kisses & hearts
Supplies needed for face - googlie eyes & tiny pom poms
I don't know about you, but I get a little uptight about multiple supplies & multiple kids - things just get crazy and then I get crazy, and then chaos ensues!  So I pre-planned by providing each kid with the right number of "feet" (hearts), "bodies" (kisses), large glue dots to attach the bodies to the feet, and a strip of googlie eyes already stuck on small glue dots.  Then I could sit back and watch them be creative without losing it because the whole bag of googlie eyes just got glued to the floor!

assembled body

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