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I love shopping local.  Farmer's markets, local bookstores, wherever I can find it I like knowing I'm supporting my community, local economy and helping the environment by minimizing all that goes into shipping products. Plus I get more unique stuff - not the production line chain-store lineup. So I thought it was pretty cool when I found out there is a company devoted to all things Made in Utah.  It's called mercolocal, and their mission is helping us discover everything from
food and restaurants, to wedding planning, to sports and recreation and everything in between - often with deals and discounts.  I signed up to get updates about discounts, offers and area attractions.
One of their most fun offerings is the mercobox.  Every month a new mercobox is filled with goodies from featured local businesses.  I was lucky enough to get a February mercobox of my very own, and I was so excited to get my cute little box.
I didn't just get myself a box either - I got one to give to a reader!  Yay!  And you may do with it whatever you'd like, of course, but might I point out a Valentine's theme? Scents, chocolates, handmade soap stamped with the word LOVE... see where I'm going with this?

NS Minerals- Eyeshadow, blush sample, and coupon.  I'm not a make-up aficionado, but even I know that mineral makeup is great for your skin and is the best stuff around.  I'm excited to try this out.  I actually even watched tutorials on their website! ;)

Hatch Family Chocolates- OK, I am hard on chocolate.  I'm a chocolate snob. Time in France made me a snob when it comes to cheese, chocolate and bread.  So when I say these are delicious hand-dipped chocolates, you can take my word for it. (warning though, their website is serious food porn - careful visiting there when hungry). Making chocolates in Utah since 1917.

CrioBru Cocoa - looks delightful.  I don't have a coffee maker or french press to try it though, so out of luck.  It does say I can throw it in protein shakes - which ended up being YUMMY! Benefits of pure cocoa.  What I'm more excited about is the Recipe portion of their website - Creme Brule with fresh cocoa beans? Are you kidding me? Yes, please. How about cocoa marinated beef? Ever since I was a kid and the giant in Mickey and the beanstalk drooled over his "chocolate pot roast," I've wondered if that was really a thing.  Hmmmm, where will I start?

Inkling -these are scents made from essential oils, so basically perfume without the issues with sensitivities or allergies, more subtle, and with some of the oil benefits like energy and focus - depending on the mix. I'm loving "Tweed & Spice" for myself, which the website says is for the "sexy librarian" type. Hmmm. Really.  Both men's and women's scents.

Drainwig - I can't help but think "ick" every time I look at this thing.  But it gets awesome reviews everywhere, and I certainly could use help with the hair buildup in my shower.  It's just one of those things I don't ever want to think about, even though I'm impressed with the product.  You can watch their clip on the Today show on their website.

Beehive Soap & Body Care - handcrafted soap bar with "LOVE" printed on it.  Smells and feels lovely.

Numanna - $50 gift card toward food storage purchase from their website.

Ace Camera Rental - $5 gift card

I have a theory that this box is actually a social experiment.  Whatever objects intrigue a person first indicate something - a little glance into our motivations.  For example, I went straight for the chocolates.  A friend who came over was all about the make-up and scents. I felt guilty that if I were a devoted housekeeper the first thing that should have excited me was the drain wig. What will YOU open first?

Comment with your answer on Facebook for a chance to win. You must "like" Living in Lilliput on Facebook in order to qualify.  "Like" mercolocal for an extra entry! (just let me know in a comment) 

Good luck winning this fun mercobox! And how can the rest of you get your own? Check out their website ( and get one sent to you right away, or register to get a monthly box with local merchandise.  How awesome would that be?


Piper said...

I love this idea! Especially with more CHAIN stores around. I love that the local stuff can come right to our door!

Deanna said...

like both on FB as deanna lynn and left a comment (I want to try out the Drainwig).

Heather said...

How awesome is this! All of the products look amazing. The cacoa sounds great. 'Like'

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for participating everyone! Everyone's entries were assigned numbers, and put into a contesting app. I hope to have more giveaways soon!

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