Our Mountain Retreat

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When we first moved to South Jordan, we had a bit of a rough go of things.  Anyone who knows our family will remember that our move did not go smoothly.  From the sale of one home, to the purchase of the next, to a family tragedy, it was decidedly difficult. At that time, we discovered a local pizza place where our kids felt comfortable (the arcade doesn't hurt), and the food was amazing enough we could eat there several nights a week (which we did because we couldn't find our dishes among the packing boxes, so what else are you going to do?) without getting sick of it.

Fast forward five years and you'll still find our family enjoying our favorite pie (BBQ at the Ranch, if you're curious), at Mountain Mike's Pizza - which happens to be celebrating the 7 year anniversary in Utah.

 In celebration, Tysen and I got to sit down with the owner and, over a delicious buffet of pizza that included a combo loaded with toppings, a thin crust canadian bacon to die for, and let's never forget the dessert pizza, heard about what it's been like to keep Mountain Mike's a success through a recession and as the community has grown.

 It was clear how committed he is to this community and his business.  I particularly enjoyed one story of delivering a large order of pizzas up to the copper mine and how he had to get outfitted in a special suit he compared to a space suit in order to complete the delivery to where it needed to go.

So, I thought I'd pass along the tip that through the end of the month (it's only a few more days, so RUN!) Mountain Mike's South Jordan is celebrating its 7th Anniversary by offering a 'buy any Medium or Large pizza and get a second for just 7 bucks' deal.  You're welcome :)

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