Elsa and Anna: Sisters Don't Get Much Cuter Than This

Our elementary school this year had over 100 Elsa costumes and over 50 Anna's from Frozen! And my youngest two girls were among that number.  It was like a sea of blue!  My Elsa, predicting the large numbers, was determined to stage a sing-in of "Let it Go" during recess with everyone sporting the proper costume!

The thing I love most about costumes - and probably the reason I invest so much of my time and energy into sewing and creating them for my kids - is the amazing springboard they are to imagination. I am not a fan of Halloween because of ghosts and gore; I love Halloween because I love watching children have permission to be whatever they wish for that day. I watched Captain America somersault to hold open a door for a princess, who graced him with a regal curtsey. Every year I see kids come out of their shells and become the most outrageous characters and I love it!

This year all five of my kids wanted new costumes. That's a record. Normally a few of them plan something based off of something we've done in the past that requires me to make two or three new and modify some hand-me-downs. But this was unprecedented. And a little insane.

And because of the scale of it, I'm breaking my posts up as I did my sewing. Starting with the little girls - I'm covering Elsa and Anna by themselves. We'll get to the other kids in due time.


Honestly, I'm not sure if there is any girl left in the world without an Elsa costume who would need a tutorial, but since I used some rather interesting techniques, I'll still probably do a tutorial about the full insanity soon, but today I just want to get pics up. So here is how my Elsa turned out:


I can't imagine a more perfect personality for Anna. This was more than an ideal costume for my sunshine girl.


But the true story here is about sisters.


Piper said...

Love everything about this post!! When I read, "But the true story here is about sisters.", and then saw all of the pictures of them together it made me tear up! So SO darling!!!

Unknown said...

I was in awe at all the great pics and amazing commentary but when I saw you made Anna a cape too --- I almost choked as I sucked air! AMAZING!!! you are crazy talented and such a fun mom!! The pics at the lake could not be more perfect. such precious girls! Wow!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks!! Your comments mean so much to me! I know I go a little crazy, but costumes are how I started sewing, so they are still my favorite things to create. I'm not sure what lake you're referring to though, Lonni - that's the Arrendelle Bay *wink *wink.

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